December 28, 2022

Christmas is a time for cheer and giving, and we made sure to encapsulate that throughout the festive season!

On the 7th of December, we began our long-awaited Christmas celebrations. With warm and festive decorations to set the mood, our employees took to the kitchen to fill their plates with all sorts of delicious nibbles. From sliders to bao buns, and everything in between, the choice of scrumptious treats was endless! Combined with holiday tunes and a joyful spirit, the afternoon was one of laughter and happiness for our employees.

Our celebrations continued with our company-wide Secret Santa event. Those who opted to join the event placed their gifts under the EnergyCasino tree while looking for the one with their own name. With that said, all employees took home a special hamper from the company to fuel their jubilant needs at home.

We ended the excitement-filled day with a merry meet-up at The Crew, where we jingled all the way to karaoke whilst munching on tasty snacks and drinks.

At EnergyCasino, we always keep the activities going whenever possible, and Christmas is definitely no different. That’s why we kept the festive spirit going until the 16th of December. We brought joy to EnergyCasino’s little elves as they visited our office for a day of games, face painting, balloon making and sweet chomping. No elf left without a wrapped gift from Santa or a big smile on their face!

We ho-ho-hope our employees had a splendid time celebrating together — we are already excited for the next one!

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